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Had the best experience working with Sunny.

He was highly professional and his knowledge in real estate was impressive. Very friendly, informative and quick in responding to all our questions. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and would definitely work with him again in the future. I would highly recommend his service.

Michelle Hsu

Sunny deserves way more than 5 stars in my opinion.

He knows exactly what to do and how to help you immediately no matter your situation. He prepares/educate you, always is there to give you a strong answer to any questions you have. I never had to sit and wait for long periods of time for an answer from him and most importantly he prioritizes you to the fullest untill the very end. My partner and I can not thank him enough for making our first move a walk in the park! Along with all that, Sunny is extremely friendly. At the end of the line you will have a great friendship with him.

Chanel McFadden

Sunny is a very helpful person and loves his work.

He keen eye to detail in keeping my exact specifications ( of location etc) and budget in mind was impeccable. A thorough professional, he had an extensive choice of places to see which helped me gain a lot of perspective about the new region I was moving into .I am very grateful to Sunny for spending so much time and effort in my home search which finally led me to my dream condo !

Natasha Saggu

Based on my friend's referral I signed up with Sunny Chiu for rental of my home at Whitby.

Sunny is professional, experienced and always available to clarify any questions and he provide detailed walkthrough of the step by step process. It was a great experience working with Sunny. He was very responsive and friendly at the same time. He always answered my queries with a smiling face. He has visited the property whenever required and provided good suggestion and guidance that helped through the process. I would strongly recommend Sunny Chiu for any of your real estate needs.

Sudhakar Karuppannan

Sunny is very patient, pleasant, respectful, honest.

I am very happy to have veen working with him.

Miranda Provo

Very professional and experienced person

Victor Bansal

Sunny was very helpful and attentive.

Everything went smoothly with the sale of my home and the negotiations resulted in getting a good price for my home.

Laurie Cruise

To start with, Sunny is a positive person which really helps as it kick starts the discussion on a very positive note.

His demeanor doesn’t change based on client’s pockets and his attitude of giving as much time as possible to us was really appreciated. We never heard a “No” from Sunny for any of our questions or queries. He was always open to feedback and providing inputs. He would provide input but would never enforce his views and be open to take input as well. We highly recommend Sunny for a partnership really rather than a client sort of relationship. He was highly professional in how he dealt with us and others and that reflects really well on him and his clients


Sunny was an amazing agent!

He is very detailed, quick and professional. He will put your needs first and is very informative with any questions you may have. Whether you're a first time home buyer or an experienced buyer, Sunny will walk you step by step through the process and clarify anything that you need. I would highly recommend Sunny as he makes it very simple, quick and stress-free.

Brandon Chung

I had a great experience finding a rental property in Toronto with Sunny.

He planned all of our condo viewing visits on one weekend, so we could make a quick and informed decision. He was also very prompt in creating our offer letter and gave us his input on how we could make our application fool-proof. Used his assistance in the past once before and will do so again in the future!

Nicole Chang

Sunny was very friendly and helpful in finding a new place.

Answered all my questions and guided me through the process.

Caleb Greer

What an exceptional and genuine human being!

Sunny Chiu worked with me to ensure my desire for a new rental condo would turn into a reality! He delivered to me exactly what I wanted before the timeline! My heart is filled with gratitude and I thank you Sunny for the high standards you set, your negotiation skills and most of all, the amazing way you connect with your clients to deliver to them! You are phenomenal – stay blessed! I am looking forward to working with you again with our real estate needs! Thank you Sunny.

Margaret S Chadee

Sunny has gone above and beyond in our search for homes.

Amazing client services. Very particular, punctual, and always on the go. He knows what he's doing. Extremely satisfied. 👏 100% recommend real estate agent for your home sweet home!

Riya Mallick

I was lucky to have had an opportunity to work with Sunny.

He is an amazing, patient, knowledgeable professional. He listens, gives the best advice and always looks out for the best for his clients. I recommend Sunny to anyone who needs help with getting back into the housing market.

Zibusiso Sidambe

Super helpful, Sunny gives his 100% and gives recommendations best suited to the tenant’s needs.

Surprit Rekhi

Sunny is Multi Talented Hard working professional.

He really work hard for his Client and very Cooperative !! Keep up the Good Work Sunny!!


Sunny is the best realtor I have worked with hands down.

Such negotiation skills, passion, honesty and eagerness to do well for client is rare to find now a days. I left everything on Sunny and he just glided me through the process and got me the bestest rate possible (more than what I asked for) and not only that, he educated me so much in the process that I feel like a half reality myself lol 😊- thank you Sunny for such awesome job - you are very smart and highly customer oriented 👋👋👍

Rohit Kohli

As a first time home buyer, I couldn't have asked for more from the great service that Sunny provided to help me achieve my dream home.

He is always responsive and supportive, opens up to any question you might have. His extensive expertise and friendly personality provide you with lots of helpful advice and make the so called daunting process much easier. Besides, his great and well- cooperated team of Matthew (Mortgage Broker) and Gurloveen (Lawyer) have been a tremendous help throughout the process. I am very thankful to have Sunny and his team assisting me with my first home and would highly recommend his service to any prospective buyer/seller out there.

Chi Tran

Sunny is a very professional real state agent.

He really helped us to find a nice home to rent. He supported us during all the process. He is very friendly and easy to work with.

Julia Rojas Diaz

Thank you Sunny for your continued patience, hard work and countless time spent to assist me with finding a great home.

Your customer service was outstanding, you are extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind-hearted. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a place to call home.

Sonya Dewdney

Sunny is fantastic agent and even though I was very indecisive he was very patience

Malalai Arman

Helped us find our perfect place in one go.

Always gave the best guidance and advice in every step for the rental procedure. Best realtor in the market!! 👌🏼

Vanika Kapoor

Sunny was very helpful and attentive.

He knows exactly what to do and how to help you immediately no matter your situation. Had a great friendly experience with him in getting a home.

Jash Patel

Sunny was super helpful, professional and supportive throughout our house hunt journey.

Rajsee Purohit

Sunny was easy to work with.

He is thorough and worked late to get the purchase completed. We would definitely recommend him to friends and family in the future.

Richard Ho

Sunny is an amazing and super friendly real estate agent.

He takes the time to understand your needs and doesn’t rush you to sell or buy. We sold our condo with him at a price that was higher than expected. He’s also very knowledgeable and only has his client's interest in mind. Moving and selling is already such a huge hassle and stress, but Sunny always helped to make our life easier and went above and beyond expectations to accommodate for us. He explained to us the importance of presentation/staging but never forced us to do it. He gave us full autonomy in how we wanted to do things and was there to advise/guide us if we need him. Overall it was an awesome experience. He is highly recommended.


Sunny is a great agent!

He will ensure all your needs are met and he works fast. He is understanding and will make sure that you’re happy at the end of the day

Brishna Arman

Sunny was quite instrumental in helping my family secure an apartment in Ontario even though we weren't in Canada at the time and has never been to Canada.

It was a near impossible situation but Sunny was professional in getting all the negotiations, paperwork and payments completed in record time. He is quite patient and always willing to provide solutions. He is someone that goes beyond his normal roles as a realtor to a solution provider even when it costs him his personal money. I will certainly recommend him to anyone that needs a reliable, smart, passionate and solution driven realtor to work with.

Asiegbu Obasi

I can’t say enough about Sunny.

I found him by chance while looking for property in the Durham region and he has been a solid source of information and listings that matched my criteria. He was very responsive and paid the utmost attention to me as a client. Most importantly Sunny was honest about the listings and listened to my concerns and took my word for it instead of trying to convince me into something that wasn’t right for me. In the end, With Sunny’s expert guidance I was able to close on the perfect property at a reasonable price. I’m truly grateful and highly recommend him as a real estate agent. Also he has a great connection for a mortgage broker that was equally as amazing.


I had a great experience with Sunny.

He was extremely helpful, courteous and very timely in his responses which is key for a real estate agent. I would highly recommend him!

Shauna C Morris

Best Realtor, great service with excellent experience and good knowledge of real estate market.

Got best advice and help on each step of finding the perfect home.

Sourav Hans

My husband and I are first time homebuyers and we contacted Sun because we knew he could help us find our new home and we were glad we did!

He did not rushed us and gave us advice instead, told us to take our time. When we were getting discouraged already, he helped us find a home that is within our budget and we loved the house the moment we went in! He is one of the best realtors out there. Thanks to Sun we are now in our new home! 💕


Sun provided me amazing service in finding the right rental for my needs.

He was available anytime I had a question and even after the deal was signed he was there for me.

The Rutabaga (Canadian Yankee)

Sunny has been very helpful and kind in helping me find a house.

Jessica Ghai

Sunny is very professional in what he does, I highly recommend him for all real estate transactions to my family and friends.

Very well deserve .

Riddhi Singh

Best realtor in whole canada

Pushp Purohit

Sunny worked patiently with us in finding our new home and even more importantly, got a wonderful price for the home we were selling.

He is professional and responds quickly to questions and concerns, guiding us through the process. We would recommend him highly for your real estate needs.

Carol Lewis

Very Professional and Responsible sales person.

Excellent knowledge and experience in vast areas of real estate business. I would give more than 5 stars if possible. I am very happy with the customer service, guidance and advise from Sunny which helped us a lot to buy our first condominium. He is exceptionally nice, positive mentality and humble in nature at the same time he is expert in his work, too. Sunny is very responsive regardless of his busy schedules. Which is also a great quality. We are very happy having you as our realtor and looking forward to working with you again.

Abhishek Raj

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